Franchise, Licensing & CA

Franchise – Licensing – Commercial Agency – Commercial Representation.

Our corporate team members have extensive experience in franchise, licensing transactions, in addition to commercial agencies matters, including the registration or de-registration of commercial agencies before the relevant authorities in the UAE.

Our scope of services includes negotiating, creating and devising (i) the franchise set of documents including the franchise agreement(s) and the disclosure documents, (ii) licensing agreements, and (iii) commercial agencies and representations, whether made on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis, with the scope of registering or de-registering such commercial agencies before the relevant authorities in the UAE, including filing for the required proceedings before the Courts for the purpose of the de-registration.

The sectors we cover include IT, FMCG, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Education, Medical and Industrial.

Some of the related transactions carried out by our team members include:

- Assisting in creating a regional burger franchise brand, including drafting of all required franchise agreements and related franchise set of documents;
- Assisting in licensing the services of an international management school; and
- Assisting in registering a number of commercial agencies for a group of companies for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujeirah.