UAE Federal and Local Courts – Commercial Courts – Criminal Courts – Public Prosecution and Police Investigations - Employment Courts – Rental Committees and Courts – Execution Courts – Referral Judge.

Our UAE advocates are licensed to attend to, and possess the right of audience before, all the UAE Courts (all levels), local and federal, (including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah Courts), including without limitation, Commercial Courts, Criminal Courts, Employment Courts, Rental Committees/Courts, Execution Courts and Referral Judge. In addition to representation in criminal investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution and Police.

Our litigation practice encompasses a range of matters including (without limitation):

- General Commercial Disputes;
- Criminal Investigations and Cases;
- Family Law disputes;
- Disputes related to banks and lenders’ loan facilities;
- Disputes related to agencies and commercial representation;
- Insurance disputes;
- Commercial Agencies Disputes (from both the Principal or the Agent side);
- Construction Disputes (from both the contractor and the employer side);
- Energy/Oil & Gaz Disputes
- Intellectual Property Rights Disputes;
- Real Estate Development Disputes;
- Shareholders’ Disputes;
- Rental Disputes;
- Employment Disputes;
- Execution and Precautionary Seizures; and
- Debt Recovery.

Our litigation team has represented many multinational clients in litigation cases pertaining to mega projects in the UAE by successfully protecting their interests and rights including taking all necessary precautionary measures.

Some of the litigation cases handled by our litigation team include (without limitation):

- Representing an employer in a construction litigation case and succeeding in obtaining a favorable Court judgment ordering the termination of a multi-million AED contracting award for a major mall and hotel in the UAE;
- Representing a real estate developer and successfully dismissing hundreds of cases, worth combined in excess of AED 100 M, brought against it by end users claiming termination of sales contracts;
- Representing an investor against an international Bank and succeeding in reducing the interests and fees (worth more than USD 50 M) as per the terms of the applicable law and in contrary to the documentation presented by the bank;
- Representing and successfully obtaining a favorable judgment for a foreign investor by confirming his rights and interests attached to his shares in a local limited liability company;
- Representing an investor in a property dispute by successfully obtaining a judgment ordering the payment in his favor of a compensation worth AED 30 Million, despite the lack of written documentation evidencing the transaction related thereto;
- Representing the principal of one of the internationally renowned products against the appointed exclusive agent and successfully obtaining a Court judgment to terminate the exclusive commercial agency agreement and allowing the principal the right to nominate a replacement agent of his choice.