Why Choose Us

  Vast Practice Areas: One-Stop Shop Firm 

In view of the Firm’s diversified practice areas, ranging from corporate/commercial advisory, to dispute resolution, litigation, and arbitration (amongst other practice areas), clients are offered the possibility of having most of their legal requirements attended to under “one roof”.

✔ Extensive Experience: in UAE and Saudi legal matters and complex transactions

Our lawyers possess extensive experience in advising, assisting and representing major clients in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including multinational companies, quasi-government entities, local conglomerates, hedge funds, asset managers, high-net-worth individuals, with respect to complex transactions, including (inter alia) mergers and acquisitions, due diligence exercises, setting-up of multi-strategy investment funds, handling real estate development projects, advising on private placements and leveraged buy-outs, advising on insurance policies and regulatory framework, and filing and successfully winning AED/SR hundred million law suits and arbitration claims filed before the UAE Courts, Saudi Courts and the major Arbitration Centers in the UAE and Saudi, respectively.

 Client Focused Approach: Personalized and Attentive Services

We ensure that clients are offered personalized and attentive services that are tailored to serve each client’s specific legal needs. Given the complexity of today’s business dealings, clients prefer now to choose a firm based on which lawyer(s), within such firm (and the assisting team), is assigned to handle their work.

Clients usually opt for lawyers based on their seniority, experience, availability and responsiveness and, with whom they can build long-term relationships.

This can be achieved when these principles are followed: 

- Solid lawyer-to-client relationship: Long-Term Relationship
We believe in the importance of creating and maintaining a solid and close lawyer-to client relationship, based on common understanding, secrecy, transparency and constant dialogue. 

This is a key factor for building a long-term relationship between the client and his/her lawyer(s).

- Partner-Level Policy: All Clients are treated equally

We understand the discontent some clients face at certain firms, when, initially they are assigned to a senior lawyer and then assigned later to a less experienced lawyers (amongst the same firm), to handle their work.

At our Firm, we strictly follow a “Partner-Level Policy” whereby every client’s work, regardless of the matter, will be constantly handled/supervised, at all times, by a Partner in the firm.

- Accessibility and Availability:
We ensure that each Client has direct accessibility to the Partner and the team handling their work, to make sure that the client’s concerns, ideas, instructions, are properly conveyed to and understood by the Partner(s) and the team handling their work.

Similarly, our lawyers are constantly available to clients, within a short and reasonable period of time, to ensure that clients are being assisted promptly.

- Dedicated Team-based structure:
A team comprising of a partner(s), associate(s) and supporting staff (as needed) will be dedicated to a client to ensure that all the client’s legal requirements are met efficiently and on time. 

 Short Delivery-Time:

As “time is of the essence” in most of the business transactions, we ensure to deliver our services, as quick as reasonably possible, while not affecting the quality of such services.
This will be achieved by efficiently balancing the capacity and volume of the firm’s work among the Partners and lawyers.

 Competitive and Flexible Professional Fees Structure:

The Firm offers a competitive and flexible professional fees structure aimed at assisting the Clients in the best possible manner.