Intellectual Property

Trademarks – Patents – Copyrights – Licensing – Intellectual Property Rights.

We offer a comprehensive service for protecting the clients’ intellectual property rights, including drafting of comprehensive agreements including privacy policies, registering trademarks, patents and copyrights before the UAE Ministry of Economy and the relevant authorities in the GCC countries (through our affiliate offices), and licensing the same by the client for the use by third parties.

Our scope of services covers the following (without limitation):

- Patents: intended to protect any of the client’s invention and innovations or improvements thereon by providing him with a set of exclusive rights which prevent others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention without the consent of the inventor;
- Trademarks: intended to protect any of the client’s right to exclusively use tradenames, images, logos, phrases or words used to distinguish a particular good or service; and
- Copyrights: intended to protect any of the client’s works of authorship such as, works of art; photos, pictures, graphic designs, drawings and other forms of images; songs, music and sound recordings of all kinds; books, manuscripts, publications and other written works; and plays, movies, shows, and other performance arts.